2022 No-Waste eProgram

35th annual
Massachusetts Envirothon

Thursday, May 12, 2022 | Quabbin Reservoir, Belchertown, Massachusetts


It has been a long two years of waiting to gather and celebrate in person, but finally… welcome to the 2022 Envirothon! Through challenges, perseverance, and tenacity (three words that describe many solutions related to environmental issues), Envirothon teams have found ways to navigate throughout these difficult times. Whether learning through zoom meetings and webinars, scavenger hunts, site visits and team events, you have gained the knowledge and basics to make sound environmental decisions.

To quote my favorite rockstar, Dave Grohl, “if you’re passionate about something, and you’re driven and you’re focused, then you can pretty much do anything that you want to do in life.”

For those students who are continuing studies in the environmental field: you can do it and we are counting on you to be the next generation of voices to protect our planet! Today is a day to celebrate your knowledge and most of all to have fun!

Thank you to Dan Clark, Lisa Gustavsen and the entire staff at the Quabbin Watershed for welcoming us to this beautiful place for this year’s event.

Lastly, in the spirit of this year’s Current Issue — Achieving a Zero Waste Future for Massachusetts — we are publishing an e-program booklet online to reduce waste. Instead of an eight-page paper booklet, attendees are receiving a single page handout that includes the site map and schedule for the day, as well as QR codes for additional content available here on our website. I hope you enjoy it.

~ Kelley Freda, Chair, Massachusetts Envirothon Steering Committee

Registered Teams

Here are this year’s registered teams.

Schedule & Site Map

This is the schedule for the day and a map of the competition site.


Our work and the event would not be possible without contributions of time, resources and funding from these sponsors

Steering Committee & Station Coordinators

These are the environmental and educational professionals who plan the Mass. Envirothon program and competition.

Current Issue Judges

These are the environmental professionals who are serving as judges for this year’s Current Issue presentations.


Many thanks to the numerous volunteers who make the Mass. Envirothon happen.

2022 Current Issue

Learn more about this year’s Current Issue: Achieving a Zero Waste Future for Massachusetts.


Many people, agencies, businesses, and organizations have provided significant multi-year in-kind, staff time, and funding support to the Mass Envirothon program. 

A team analyzes soil at the Soil ecostation.

What happens at an ecostation?

At the Massachusetts Envirothon, teams rotate through four ecostations, in addition to giving their Current Issue presentation. Each ecostation has a different emphasis: forestssoilwater and wildlife.

Meet our host site: Quabbin Reservoir

Our work would not be possible without contributions of time, resources and funding from these sponsors

What is the Envirotrek Lunch?

Through the year teams study hard, practice new skills, meet new people, find new places, try new experiences, get wet, get dirty, get tired, design a t-shirt, stay up late to prepare, and generally have a good time getting ready for the May Envirothon competition. This is the EnviroTrek!