Community Awards

Why Community Awards? Your team works hard to prepare for your Envirothon Current Issue presentation. You deserve recognition for this work! And if your Current Issue research results in a service or action project that benefits your community, Mass Envirothon wants to recognize this, as well.

The Mass Envirothon Community Awards provide important recognition for your team, plus visibility for your school and your community. A letter of congratulations is sent to your principal, with copies to your coach, your superintendent, your state legislators, your community partners, local media, and the Secretary of Energy & Environmental Affairs. This is a big deal!

These awards can be earned by any team that meets the requirements. They are optional and noncompetitive. Teams who work to qualify for the awards tell us that they have a better Envirothon experience overall.

What you need to do to qualify for the 2022 Community Awards:

All-in-One Community_Award forms_for 2022 (forms 1-5 below, including revisions)

Community Award forms as individual documents:

  1. Community Award Information for 2022
  2. Community Award SIGNATURES form for 2022
  3. Community RESEARCH CHECKLIST for 2022 (revised)
  4. Community ACTION Award project certification for 2022
  5. Community ACTION Award 2022 Media Challenge

More helpful info for completing an Action Project:   How to write a news release

To receive a Community Award your team must:
• Complete the Community Award Signatures form                                                                                  • Complete the form for each award you are earning
• Submit the completed form(s) so that they arrive no later than end of day Monday, May 9, 2022.
Be ready to participate in a Community Award interview on or around the day of the Envirothon competition.

To submit Community Award materials, Please scan and email to

Questions?  Contact Will Snyder at or 413/387-2371.

Research Checklists from past years

Teams used these checklists to guide their community research on each year’s Current Issue:

Links to summaries of Envirothon teams’ Community Awards work:

For more information on the Mass Envirothon Community Awards, past and present, contact: Will Snyder,

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