Form a Team

Ready to put a team together?  2021-2022 will start off virtual, but we hope to be able to do an in person workshop in the late winter or early spring and an in-person competition in May.  In the meantime, we can offer some excellent natural resource based challenges for teams across the Commonwealth to start learning about their local ecosystems.

Make sure to get in touch with the Mass Envirothon Coordinator to receive regular emails with updates on deadlines, forms, opportunities and important information. Registration forms and fees will be announced soon.

While waiting for your manual to arrive, check out the Areas of Learning and webinars to start investigating natural resources in your town.

The Massachusetts Envirothon Fact Sheet is a nice summary of the program. As is this article from Massachusetts Wildlife Magazine.

Need ideas for raising money for your team or communicating with your community? Check out Funding a team or Getting Publicity.

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