About Us

The Massachusetts Envirothon is a network of scientists, educators, local officials, policy-makers, business people, resource managers, community activists, and parents who are committed to preparing the next generation of environmentally literate concerned citizens and professionals.

Mass Envirothon is a program of the Massachusetts State Commission for the Conservation of Soil, Water, and Related Resources, with leadership from the Mass Envirothon Steering Committee and the Mass Envirothon Council.

Massachusetts Envirothon Steering Committee

The Massachusetts Envirothon Steering Committee (MESC) does the hands on work of organizing and running the Envirothon program in Massachusetts. The MESC is officially a sub-committee of the Massachusetts State Commission for Conservation of Soil, Water, and Related Resources. The purpose of the Steering Committee to is to help fulfill the conservation education mandate of the State Commission through the Envirothon Program.

Committee members are official representatives of their agencies who take on specific roles in program planning and implementation. They meet through the year to develop program policy and curriculum, and to plan and manage Envirothon events. They are assisted in this work by the Mass Envirothon Coordinator, Brita Dempsey.

Agenda for the next MESC meeting:

2022-23 MESC Membership

Justin Gonsor, Committee Chair, DCR, Quabbin Reservoir
Wendell Cerne,  Committee Vice-Chair, MA Science Education Leadership Association
Lisa Trotto, Committee Secretary & Treasurer, Worcester County Conservation District
Felicia Hubacz,  Forest Health Specialist, Department of Conservation and Recreation
Dr. George Zoto, Department of Environmental Protection
Jeffrey Rubel, Envirothon alumnus

Advisory Members

  • Maggie Payne ~ USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Bill Dunham ~ Belmont Enterprises
  • Amie Humphrey Facendola ~ Alden Research Laboratory, Inc.
  • Dan Giza ~ ASA Analysis and Communications
  • Brittany Gutermuth  ~ Climate Change Education Program Manager ~ Mass Audubon
  • Bowen He ~ Envirothon Alumni
  • Pam Landry ~ Division of Fisheries & Wildlife (MassWildlife)
  • Rick LeBlanc ~ Massachusetts Dept. of Agricultural Resources
  • Julie Martin ~ Department of Conservation and Recreation, Division of State Parks and Recreation
  • Kathryn Parent  ~ DCR Water Supply,  Wachusett/Sudbury Section
  • Kris Scopinich ~  Massachusetts Audubon Society
  • Will Snyder, ~ ECNext

Massachusetts Envirothon Council

The Mass Envirothon Council (MEC) oversees and supports the work of the Mass Envirothon Steering Committee.

The MEC is officially a committee of the Massachusetts State Commission for Conservation of Soil, Water, and Related Resources. The purpose of the Council is to:

  • Support and promote the continuous improvement of the Massachusetts Envirothon Program
  • Ensure the continuation and increase of volunteer numbers and in-kind support necessary for a successful program, and
  • Ensure the necessary financial support for a successful program

2022-23 MEC Membership

George Buckley, Harvard Extension School
Deborah Cary, MassAudubon
Warren Chamberlain, Mass. State Grange
Dr. Britt Crow-Miller,  Dept. of Environmental Conservation & Dept. of Geosciences, UMass Amherst
Michael Leff, Massachusetts Association of Conservation Districts
Joe Smith, Woodsman Inc

MESC Role Descriptions: Volunteer Coordinator. Site Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer, Wildlife Station Coordinator, Water Station Coordinator, Forest Station Coordinator, Soil Station Coordinator, Food Tent Coordinator Grievance Committee Chair, Vice Chair, Chair.