Material Kits

Envirothon teams may borrow a kit free of charge to use at their own site. Activity suggestions are included and station leaders can answer questions if needed. To request a kit, fill out the form at the end of the page!

Kits available:

Wildlife: Skulls and Prints

4 skulls

7 track prints

1 Peterson’s field guide

Wildlife: Trail Camera

Trail camera with set up and security accessories

Soil: Texture Analysis

Texture samples, color guide, and soil knife for checking out local soil

Forest: Tree Measurement

DBH tapes, 100 ft measuring tapes, Biltmore stick and tangent height gauges.

Water Quality

Lamotte Water Quality Educator and Monitoring Outfit. ALL the tests.

Water: Aquatic Insects

ID manual, Aquatic Insect collection materials, sample invertebrates