Get Involved

Come join the Mass Envirothon Network!

Form a Team: Got a group of youth who would like to learn more about their local enviroment and interact with natural resource professionals?

Schools can’t do it alone.  It takes a community. That means us. The importance of preparing young people to be engaged environmental stewards and citizens – who understand their connection to the people and places and ecosystems that make up their communities, and think critically about the challenges of a sustainable future – has never been greater.  This annual exploration of environmental topics and advocacy is made possible by hundreds of people: Envirothon organizers, high school principals, teacher-coaches, natural resource experts, parents, sponsoring organizations, and others. You, too, can help enrich and sustain this valuable program. There are many ways to contribute to the success of the Mass Envirothon program:

Volunteer:  Be part of the action at the May competition or learn about other ways participate throughout the year.

Sponsor/Donate: Learn how to support Massachusetts Envirothon.

Alumni: We want to hear from you! What are you up to after Envirothon?


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