Your Massachusetts EnviroTrek

Through the year your team studies hard, practices new skills, meets new people, finds new places, tries new experiences, gets wet, gets dirty, gets tired, designs a t-shirt, stays up late to prepare, and generally has a good time as you get ready for the May Envirothon competition. This is your EnviroTrek!

EnviroTrek handout for teams

It’s lunchtime at the Envirothon competition. The testing is over. It’s a good time to unwind, meet new friends from all over the state, and share stories about your Envirothon experiences:
* close encounters with soil, water, trees, wildlife
* people or places that matter in your neighborhood
* a project you are planning or doing in your community
* your Current Issue research
* the best experiences of your year

As lunch winds down, each team chooses a home table. Two or three “home team” members stay at the home table to share their team’s experiences with “visitors” from other teams. The others head off to visit other tables. The place buzzes with stories, ideas, and opinions, as each home team shows and tells about their experiences, and visitors offer their own questions and views.

Every team is invited to share their EnviroTrek experiences in this informal way. Sharing your EnviroTrek can be as simple or elaborate as you want.

EVERYONE at the Envirothon – teams, judges, coaches, volunteers, sponsors – is welcome to join in!

EnviroTrek stories from past years are featured on the Mass Envirothon website:

Newton North’s 2014-15 EnviroTrek

Lexington’s 2016-17 EnviroTrek Video

Newton North’s 2017-18 Envirotrek Video