2022 Current Issue

Achieving a Zero Waste Future for Massachusetts

There is no “waste” in nature’s economy.   Can we achieve zero waste in our human economy? 

Many building blocks for a zero waste future are in our hands today, but major changes in how we produce, distribute, sell, and use products and services as a society will be required.

Achieving zero waste is particularly important because some of our communities bear more than their fair share of the negative consequences of our past and current waste management practices.  This results in major health and economic consequences for the people who live there.  Addressing these wrongs will be an important part of a zero waste future.

The “circular economy” is a key concept for envisioning a zero waste future. Envirothon teams will find that their understanding of ecosystem science, and how we manage and use natural resources, will be important to imagining and engineering solutions.

As we move toward the goal of zero waste, we will also be moving toward climate solutions, addressing energy issues, and promoting social and environmental justice.  

More information coming soon!