2022 Current Issue

Achieving a Zero Waste Future for Massachusetts

There is no “waste” in nature’s economy.   Can we achieve zero waste in our human economy? 

Many building blocks for a zero waste future are in our hands today, but major changes in how we produce, distribute, sell, and use products and services as a society will be required.

Achieving zero waste is particularly important because some of our communities bear more than their fair share of the negative consequences of our past and current waste management practices.  This results in major health and economic consequences for the people who live there.  Addressing these wrongs will be an important part of a zero waste future.

The “circular economy” is a key concept for envisioning a zero waste future. Envirothon teams will find that their understanding of ecosystem science, and how we manage and use natural resources, will be important to imagining and engineering solutions.

As we move toward the goal of zero waste, we will also be moving toward climate solutions, addressing energy issues, and promoting social and environmental justice.  

Some Current Issue resources for teams:

2022 Current Issue Guidance and Resources for Teams  This is an overview of how the Current Issue work with links to key aspects of the issue to be investigated.

Slide show introducing the 2022 Current Issue (less detail than Guidance and Resources above)

2022 Current Issue Community Research Checklist (revised 4/8/22) . This checklist is essential for earning the Community Research Award. Many teams find that it helps them to plan their Current Issue research in any case.

2022 Current Issue Problem . Your presentation should respond to this challenge. Includes advice and questions to help you prepare, plus tips for your presentation.

2022 Current Issue Scoresheet . This is the scoresheet judges will use to score your presentation. What will they be looking for?

Judging Guidelines

2022 Community Award information

How will teams present their findings?

The 2022 Mass Envirothon competition will be in-person

Every team makes a Current Issue presentation. Everyone on your team must be involved in making the presentation.

Teams from the same school can research and prepare their presentation(s) together or separately.

The Current Issue presentation score is 20% of your team’s total Envirothon score.

You will make your presentation to a panel of six to ten judges.  The judges’ job is to listen, ask good questions, assess your work, and give you feedback on your research, your recommendations, and your presentation. 

Your coach will be able to observe but not participate.

You have 15 minutes for your presentation, followed by a 10 minute period when the judges can ask questions.

Six of the judges will be designated to give your team a number score. The average of their scores will be your Current Issue score for the competition. All the judges are asked to give you helpful comments. Copies of their score and review sheets are sent to your coach.