2020 Experiment in Team Presentations

Due to the many uncertainties caused by school closings and other public health measures, the Massachusetts Envirothon program decided to replace the 2020 Envirothon competition scheduled for May 14th with an experiment in online team presentations.

In place of the usual five-part competition, the Massachusetts Envirothon offered teams a single real life challenge.  Teams were invited to submit an online audio-visual presentation – a message to their communities.

Five teams submitted videos.  They are posted with selected comments below.

A media release tells the story of this experiment.

The following information for teams was assembled for the Mass Envirothon program by Will Snyder, UMass Extension/4-H, with extensive input from members of the Massachusetts Envirothon Steering Committee and Council:


Videos with selected comments

The full story of this learning experience is told not only in the videos that the teams created, but also in the comments from the reviewers.  A representative sample of these review comments are included with each video.