2020 Competition

Due to the State of Emergency declared in March 2020, the MA Envirothon 2020 Competition has been canceled. As an alternative, the Steering Committee and Council invite teams to submit video presentations by May 1.

Invitation for Team Presentations, Spring 2020

In place of the usual five-part competition this spring, the Massachusetts Envirothon offers teams a single real life challenge.  Teams are invited to submit an online audio-visual presentation – a message to their communities.  This is not an academic exercise.  Here are your choices:

  1. Focus on the planned 2020 Current Issue, Sustainable Safe Water Supply, drawing on all the Envirothon natural resource management topics to answer the question: What actions should our communities take now to ensure an ecologically healthy and resilient water supply for the future?
  2. Widen your focus to look at the ways the world is changing in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, and think about what that means for you, your community, and the world. The pandemic is upending many expectations and assumptions about the future.  It looks like there will be no going back to the “normal” we knew before.  Do we even want to go back to that normal, from an environmental perspective? How will we respond?  This unprecedented moment invites the best of our critical imagination.  A different world is possible.
  3. Combine these two choices, or decide for yourself what your focus should be. The bottom line:  Mass Envirothon is asking you to produce a video, a message to your community about what you believe is truly important.

All teams whose presentations meet basic requirements (see below) will receive a $100 gift certificate.  All teams will receive in-depth comments and feedback from Envirothon reviewers.  Up to five outstanding presentations will be chosen for wider distribution.

As you prepare your presentation:

  • Please observe the State of Emergency:
    • Teams should NOT contact local and state officials, including water departments.
    • Teams should NOT meet face-to-face to work on this project. Teams that do so will be disqualified.
  • Focus on producing a useful presentation that communicates your ideas. This is not an academic exercise.
  • Remember that your community is your audience. Your presentation may have a wider scope, but don’t forget to address what the impact of your recommendations will have on Massachusetts communities.
  • Apply the best science you can find – Remember: refusal to listen to the science is part of what got us into the Covid-19 pandemic, and the same can be said for climate change and other resource issues.
  • Include citations of your sources. How do you know what you know?
  • Ask yourselves and your community – What really matters?  What is possible?  You may find that your answers to both these questions are changing this spring.
  • Make it real. Make it honest and accurate.  Make it compelling.  Use your creativity and humor.


Background Information

Topic suggestions from Committee and Council Members

Basic Requirements for Team Submissions

Technical Specifications (coming soon)

Download the Invitation as a .pdf

This document and background information was written and assembled for the Mass Envirothon Steering Committee by Will Snyder, UMass Extension, with extensive input from members of the Steering Committee and Council.
Please contact Will Snyder wsnyder@umass.edu and Brita Dempsey massenvirothon@gmail.com