Basic Requirements for Team Submissions

Basic Requirements for Team Submissions

 What we want from you:

  • A video or an audio-visual presentation that can be posted online (technical specifications).
  • Must be stand-alone (no links to other sites except as a source citation at the end of your presentation)
  • Must clearly show the work of at least five Envirothon team members (Viewers should be able to see that at least five were substantively involved, and that they were working remotely from each other)
  • Must demonstrate strong grounding in science (including soil, water, forest, and wildlife resource management as appropriate.
  • Must include citations of written and online sources.
  • Must be from 4 to 8 minutes
  • Must indicate that they are Massachusetts Envirothon presentations by including the Mass Envirothon logo and team name and date.
  • Must be submitted by Friday, May 1.

How it will work:

  • Teams submit presentations by Friday, May 1. Contact Brita Dempsey for details (
  • Our usual crew of Envirothon volunteers and judges will review presentations and provide comments. These reviews will be forwarded to teams beginning Wednesday, May 20.
  • All teams that meet the basic criteria for submission will receive a $100 gift certificate.
  • Up to five outstanding presentations, representing the diversity of Massachusetts communities and ideas, will be selected for wider distribution and promotion. Teams whose presentations are selected at this level may be asked for minor additional edits to clarify their points.  Presentations at this level will receive an additional $150 gift certificate.

Some tips for your presentation

  • Show the reviewers how you know what you know, and how you came to your conclusions.
  • Use visual aids and examples.  Photographs, charts and graphs, samples, and quotes can help you make your points and distinguish your presentation.

 Technical Specifications


Download the Invitation as a .pdf

This document and background information was written and assembled for the Mass Envirothon Steering Committee by Will Snyder, UMass Extension, with extensive input from members of the Steering Committee and Council.

Please contact Will Snyder and Brita Dempsey