Alumni: Paul Clifford


Bristol 4H Envirothon Team in 2003-2005. Somerset High School, then Franklin Pierce University majoring in Environmental Science, 2009.


Visitor Services Supervisor at Borderland State Park, Department of Conservation and Recreation.

Paul was featured in our 2012 Competition program as a new Interpreter at Blackstone River and Canal State Park.

Favorite Envirothon Memory:

I have a lot of great memories bonding with my team members, especially when we went to Nationals (Maryland in 2003 and Missouri in 2005). Yet, it was the workshops that were offered to further my understanding of environmental sciences that had the largest impact, workshops that were provided by Mass Wildlife, DCR and other groups.  One of my favorite workshops was led by DCR Forester Joe Perry, which we learned about forestry, tree identification (MAD CAP HORSE), measuring trees etc. 

Did Envirothon influence any life choices you’ve made, regarding college or job?

Yes.  Going into college, I was undecided and torn between a few fields of study.  A college friend asked me, what makes me happy?  My answer was the environment, being outside and working towards protecting something bigger than me.  At that moment, I knew the direction I wanted to travel, and I honestly owe it to the Envirothon and the dedicated individuals who make this completion possible because the Envirothon was the foundation of my environmental studies.  Today, I still have my Envirothon binder (traveled with me to college and now into my workspace).  As an environmental and historical interpreter with the Department of Conservation and Recreation, I often find myself using knowledge I gained during my Envirothon years to create programs, to answer visitor questions and to help the next generation identify different species of turtles at the park.

What does Envirothon mean to you?

It’s a community with a shared purpose; to excite the next generation of environmental stewards.  Even if an Envirothon Alumni goes into a different field of study, they still have the environmental skillset that the Envirothon provided. The resources, the individuals and team coaches inspired so many of us and continue to do so.  Today, I am lucky in my position with the DCR to provide education programs on the environment and history that I hope impacts the next generation as the Envirothon did for me. I truly am thankful for my experience with the Envirothon.