2021 Natural Resource Challenge

The Natural Resource Challenge – Part 1 of the 2021 Virtual MA Envirothon Competition

This Natural Resource Challenge will allow teams to apply their knowledge of the four natural resource topic areas (soil, wildlife, water, forest). Using the questions provided for each topic area and integrating previous knowledge, material from webinars, understanding of the topic area learning objectives, topic manuals, and gleaning information from the suggested relevant resources, teams will be taking on the role of environmental consultant.

As an environmental consultant, your team has been hired by the Town to review a school building proposal on a forested woodlands and wetlands parcel owned by the town.

Prior to submitting its site plan, it is your job to identify any environmental or human health issues concerning the proposed location of the school building and its supporting services.

Through a PowerPoint or video presentation your task, as the project’s reviewing environmental consultant, is to present your team’s recommendations on whether this is the appropriate siting for the school campus.

MassGIS mapping application (free internet based program) Training session recording

Some resources to get started on Natural Resource research: