MESC Agendas

Mass Envirothon Steering Committee

February 15, 2018 10:00-2:00

Alden Laboratory

30 Shrewsbury Street, Holden, Massachusetts


  • Approval of Minutes of 12-19-17/agenda updates
  • Finances update
    • $15,000 signed and released
    • $6500 on behalf of State Grange- $1500 to be used towards scholarships
  • NCF Diversity Grant application- status and timeframe
  • Develop and/or clarify criteria for team financial assistance for NCF Grant and State Grange funding
  • Coordinator report/update
    • Recruitment: What can MESC members do to help?
  • Recap of Winter workshop at MWCC
    • Approval of funds for breakfast items
  • 2018 site update and event
    • Invitation mailing to judges post meeting
    • Save the date e-mail post meeting
    • Environmental Business Council-recruit volunteers for event- what roles?
  • EPA Environmental Education Grant Proposal
  • Newsletter update- due date and what is needed from members to make this work for March?
  • Approve letter and links that should be sent via e-mail for consistency
  • Other new business
  • Next Meeting: MARCH 8, 2018


For more information or to suggest agenda items, contact Kelley Freda.