Lexington High School heading to Ohio for the NCF Envirothon!

Congratulations to Lexington High School for taking first place at the 35th annual Massachusetts Envirothon! These 5 fabulous Lexington High School students have earned a spot at the National Conservation Foundation’s Envirothon Competition at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio at the end of July. They need your help to get there!

The Lexington Green Team heading to a station at the May 12th competition

Nayrie, Robin, Eileen, Caroline and Jaime worked hard this year to prepare for the Massachusetts Envirothon and they swept the field on May 12 taking 1st place in every category: Water, Wildlife, Soil, Forestry and Current Issue. They were determined to win and we know they will excel in Ohio!

We are so excited to have them represent the Commonwealth at the International NCF Envirothon.  Teams are gathering from almost every state and province in the US and Canada and will be joined by teams from China after two long years of virtual events.

Can you make a donation to help them travel to Ohio? Your tax deductible donation to Mass. Envirothon will help offset team travel expenses. Click here to Donate today!

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