This section of the Envirothon guide covers numerous topics pertaining to water including: water chemistry, hydrological cycle, water table, aquifers, porosity, movement of groundwater, wells, watersheds, streams & rivers, flow, alterations to a watershed, eutrophication, wetlands, lakes & ponds, lake turnover & stratification, estuaries, oceans, water pollution, movement of contaminants in water, remediation and water quality management.

Useful Resources:

Water Quality Cheat Sheet (pdf)

Dog Waste and Surface Water Quality (pdf) – DCR

Unused & Expired Pharmaceuticals (pdf)

Aquatic Invasive Species Brochure (pdf)

Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Product (PPCP) Pollution – EPA

Pharmaceutical Circle Simplified (pdf)

Climate Change Impact on Water Resources (pdf) – EPA

How to Deliniate a Watershed – NRCS

Thermal Pollution (pdf) – Wikipedia

Watershed Delineation video

Water Science School “Water Quality” – USGS

Climate Change Likely Makes Storms Like Sandy Worse – MIT Technology Review

Lakes and Ponds Program
Lakes and Ponds Guide

Principles of Water Resources
Cech, Thomas; J. Wiley & Sons, New York, NY, 2003

Dictionary Of Ecology and Environmental Science
Art, Henry New York 1994

Hands on Save Our Streams
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Basic Ground-water Hydrology
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Environmental Geology
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Massachusetts Land and Pond Guide
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A Guide to Aquatic Plants in Massachusetts
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Modern Biology
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Ground Water and Surface Water: A Single Resource
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U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1139: Denver, Colorado, 1998.

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