2021-22 Webinar Series

Join us on Zoom to learn about station topics and the 2022 Current Issue. Register for each one you want to attend to receive a unique link to participate. Recordings will be posted as soon as possible, scroll down to find them, or visit our YouTube channel!

Single Use to Zero Waste: what, why, and how? with Claire Galkowski, South Shore Recycling Cooperative. Recording
Recycling is a tool to use to get to zero waste- learn about carbon impacts, how and what to recycle for maximum impacts and how schools and communities can work together to achieve waste reduction goals.

Community Research Checklist and Resources with Will Snyder Recording
Guidance for community research on Zero Waste, including an introduction to the Community Research Checklist, Advice on rewarding community action projects, and Tips for preparing a winning presentation.

Forest Pests with Eric Peterson, DCR Forest Health Recording
Everything you wanted to know about Beech Leaf Disease, Lymantria dispar, Emerald Ash Borer, Southern Pine Beetle, Hemlock Pests and Diseases, Eastern White Pine decline, Asian Longhorned Beetle, Spotted Lanternfly, and Oak wilt, oh my!

The Benefits of Urban Canopy: Why Trees Matter To You with Mathew Cahill Recording
An overview of Urban Canopy and specifically the multitude of health benefits for humans.  What are the impacts on neighborhoods with lower amounts of tree canopy and what steps are being taken to deal with this inequity? With a special showcase of the DCR tree planting program “Greening the Gateway Cities” Google doc with links to resources mentioned in the talk

Forest Carbon Dynamics with William VanDoren Recording
A review of measurement considerations, stocks and flux, sources and sinks; with a focus on Massachusetts’ forests and a broader view of forest carbon in the context of other ecosystem services.

Reducing Waste in New Bedford & Dartmouth recording
Marissa Perez-Dormitzer, Waste Reduction Manager, for the Greater New Bedford Regional Refuse Management District will discuss how New Bedford & Dartmouth approach the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – to reduce the amount of waste disposed at their local landfill.

More webinars coming soon!